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Who were the kids at Chaminade trolling?

Posted on: February 22, 2021 at 14:20:55 CT
Guinny_Ire MU
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Feed me some names. I know a lot of those boys and that's not what I was hearing at all. Maybe a few ran their mouths but kids will be kids.

Jackson was definitely loaded. You could have put their 2nd string as a separate team and they would have gone far as well.

Condolences on the young ATO who passed away this semester. My daughter said he was very well liked by all and had a reputation of being a really nice kid. She told me of the immense sadness that overtook the Greek community when it happened.
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     it does matter - fatrat MU - 2/23 06:39:27
     That Jackson team was ridiculously loaded this past year - Gary P. MU - 2/22 12:55:39
          Ashton Finn ? - Nohawks KC - 2/22 13:28:01
               Yes. First team all state. Grapes got on him early - Gary P. MU - 2/22 13:34:43
          Wish I had gotten down there to see them play(nm) - eatatjoes MU - 2/22 12:58:05
               Quarterfinals at Chaminade: 56-0 at half after a couple - Gary P. MU - 2/22 13:14:54
                    Who were the kids at Chaminade trolling? - Guinny_Ire MU - 2/22 14:20:55
                         I don't believe it was anything bad - just confidence that - Gary P. MU - 2/22 14:49:45
                              Chaminade knew it was in for a very tough game - Guinny_Ire MU - 2/22 15:03:40
     he is a great looking prospect, reminds me of justin britt - philobeddoe MU - 2/22 11:25:32
          Agree on Eckley(nm) - eatatjoes MU - 2/22 11:59:29
     The kid was offered by Bama and OU - El Zorro MU - 2/22 11:01:02
          We really need his line mate (‘22). Same kind of size, - Gary P. MU - 2/22 12:58:40
          He's the real deal. He could see the field early and often(nm) - eatatjoes MU - 2/22 12:01:03

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