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Quarterfinals at Chaminade: 56-0 at half after a couple

Posted on: February 22, 2021 at 13:14:54 CT
Gary P. MU
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Chaminade players trolled them on social media during the week (country boys coming up to the city to see some real speed...)

35-0 at Cardinal Ritter before pulling starters. More than &0% of the points they gave up this year came after starters were pulled & the clock was rolling continuously.

Ft. Zumwalt North crushed Battle the night of Jackson/Chaminade - they had lost only one game heading into hosting Jackson in the semis. FZN coach addressing his team afterwards (they win easily but had a couple of fumbles): We’ve really got to clean things up. We play like that next week and we’ll be embarrassed. Honestly, we’re playing a team who could embarrass us even if we play our best game of the season (Jackson scores again on their first play & is winning 35-0 once again & win in another route).

If they were based in StL or KC, they would’ve been too ten in the country. A shame covid hit - the previous year, their fans filled the lower bowl on the west side at Faurot (the rest was blocked off). It’s a different kind of place...businesses open back up after the game but unless they’re hosting a watch part, don’t plan to get dinner out in Jackson during a Jackson football game. Day after winning the state football championship, they had a massive parade honoring that team, their soccer team which won the title a week earlier & defending state champion golf team. Special year for Jackson.
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     it does matter - fatrat MU - 2/23 06:39:27
     That Jackson team was ridiculously loaded this past year - Gary P. MU - 2/22 12:55:39
          Ashton Finn ? - Nohawks KC - 2/22 13:28:01
               Yes. First team all state. Grapes got on him early - Gary P. MU - 2/22 13:34:43
          Wish I had gotten down there to see them play(nm) - eatatjoes MU - 2/22 12:58:05
               Quarterfinals at Chaminade: 56-0 at half after a couple - Gary P. MU - 2/22 13:14:54
                    Who were the kids at Chaminade trolling? - Guinny_Ire MU - 2/22 14:20:55
                         I don't believe it was anything bad - just confidence that - Gary P. MU - 2/22 14:49:45
                              Chaminade knew it was in for a very tough game - Guinny_Ire MU - 2/22 15:03:40
     he is a great looking prospect, reminds me of justin britt - philobeddoe MU - 2/22 11:25:32
          Agree on Eckley(nm) - eatatjoes MU - 2/22 11:59:29
     The kid was offered by Bama and OU - El Zorro MU - 2/22 11:01:02
          We really need his line mate (‘22). Same kind of size, - Gary P. MU - 2/22 12:58:40
          He's the real deal. He could see the field early and often(nm) - eatatjoes MU - 2/22 12:01:03

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