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Did you watch every inning? If so

Posted on: February 22, 2021 at 08:27:16 CT
playhard NWMSU
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you should get free season tickets.

I only watched 3 or 4 innings but what I noticed was similar to what you're saying in the pitching...struggle to throw strikes or if they do it was grooved right down the middle.

I've never understood the offensive approach, one minute they're taking a ton of pitches, they next minute they're swinging over the top of a breaking ball on the first pitch and hitting a weak ground ball to SS. I watched 10-12 AB's and saw one guy get a hit. I didn't see anyone else even hit it out of the infield and saw a ton of strikeouts.

I'm not convinced MU even looks at how good players are defensively when they recruit them, they look at how they hit against HS pitching and exit velocity in BP. I think they should look at defense more.

I will disagree on the weather. MU looked like a team who hasn't hit or pitched live in a long, long time and with that recent cold spell I doubt they got outside at all for a week or more leading up to this opening series and CG would probably be outside 365.

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