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I tell him im looking get $X amount

Posted on: February 2, 2021 at 17:11:43 CT
Zeaux MU
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And he sends it. You can get the government stuff or the generic, depends on what you’re getting it for. I’ve got some little ounce bars, some ounce government coin things, a lot of generic coins.

If you’re assuming you’re in a normal world, the generic is good just for owning silver purposes since anyone you try to sell it to will be able to see if it’s real or not. If you’re thinking we’re in the jungles and fiat currency is worth dick and you need silver to buy toilet paper, get the government stuff. Maybe even some old 90% silver coins.

Personally, I just call him up and tell him how much I wants and know he’ll send me the stuff I need, which is silver that is just silver, no premium for design, government backing, or anything.

Once this whole little trend dies down, go talk to one of these dudes, they’re always happy to chat about silver. Precious metals people are a little weird and can use a friend.

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