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I’m curious where Mizzou fans would rank Pingeton...

Posted on: December 27, 2020 at 14:27:16 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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among SEC coaches. Here is my take:

Well below:
SC: Staley
TAMU: Blair
Arky: Neighbors

She was also well below Schafer who left Miss St for Texas, and Mitchell who retired from Kentucky for medical reasons. Not enough info on the two interim coaches to say where they stand in relation to their peers. Although I think McCray-Penson at Miss St will prove to be a better coach than RP, and I think an elite program like Kentucky will recruit a permanent coach for next year who will also be clearly better than RP.

So last season it would be hard for anyone to say RP was anything more than the 6th best coach in tbe SEC.

I’d also rank her below the following coaches, and here is where it can get very subjective, as I take into account wins and losses but also other factors. Bottom line is, who would I take here tomorrow over RP, who do I think would have more success here than she has achieved:

Georgia: Taylor
Vandy: White
Tennessee: Harper
LSU: Fargas

Very close to:

Alabama: Curry
Auburn: Williams-Flournoy

Better than:

Ole Miss: McPhee-McCuin
Florida: Newbauer (although he was solid at Belmont and I think will make Florida relevant at some point)

So add it up and I would probably take any other SEC coach, over RP, except for the ones at Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Florida.

And yes, I know most Mizzou fans would rank Pingeton somewhat higher than I do. I think she is a solid coach, but nothing special. She took an eternity to get Mizzou to make the NCAAs on a regular basis, but even with a once in a generation star like Sophie, she seemed to hit a wall there and has little success once we get to the tournament, with only a single solid first round win, 78-69 over BYU in Sophie’s freshman year, 2 very narrow wins over USF 66-64, and Drake 77-76 in OT, and an upset loss to FGCU 80-70. And of course 3 blow out losses in the round of 32. And then the train wreck season in 19-20, which indicated to me she failed to build on the success that Sophie brought here. Thats not a whole lot of success. My expectations are clearly a little higher than many fans here. I think we could do more with a better coach.
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