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Even after Sophie graduated, Mizzou got votes...

Posted on: July 24, 2020 at 12:49:47 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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in one of the two major preseason polls when they came out in October. That’s what good will gets you when you make the tournament 4 straight years. We squandered all that with the train wreck season last year and will have to earn votes back one at a time.

The polls you mention are those “way too early” polls that get put out there soon after the season ends. One I think was from late March and the other early May, a long, long time ago. But yes, we won’t get a single vote in either one when the official preseason polls come out in October. Those polls will also look different in some ways from the “way too early” polls, since those don’t take into account transfers, coaching changes etc. Oregon State and Arkansas looked very different just between the ESPN and CBS ones, due to a really good grad transfer going from the Beavers to the Hogs. And I’m sure there will be more transfers in the next few months.

I’m fine with Mizzou flying in under the radar this season. I expect by the end of the season we will be ranked in the top 25 and, if all the pieces fit together, challenging for a home regional.

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