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RE: WBB polls

Posted on: July 23, 2020 at 16:39:12 CT
Mizzhope MU
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I would have been surprised had they been ranked.
There’s been a good deal of optimism, both with the additions to the team next year, and with commitments in the next 2-3 classes.
How this team performs in the upcoming year is really an open question, I doubt if the staff really knows what to expect.
Last years team was really pretty weak so getting back to the level of being competitive with all but the top SEC teams is a lot to ask for. I personally would be content if this team finishes at or better than .500 in the SEC and and wins the games they should non conference .
That might put a tournament bid within reach.
To be substantially better Blackwell and Frank will need to take a big step up and that’s not a given to me. There are plenty of other outstanding players on SEC teams.
On the foreign players...I’ll count on them when I hear they have gotten in the country. I am especially interested in seeing what Dembele might add.
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