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So only 4 SEC games unknown at this point...

Posted on: June 30, 2020 at 16:16:01 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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If those are the 9 home matches, we know that we will also play on the road at: TAMU, Arky, LSU, Bama, and Miss St. TAMU and Arky have released their full schedules already, and we play them away on 11/27 and 10/16. We play the other 3 teams away because they aren’t on our home schedule.

So we will also play 4 of these 7 teams twice this year, including on the road: Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, SC, Tennessee, Auburn and Ole Miss. I hope we get Florida or UK on the road and then maybe 2 out of Georgia, Tennessee, and SC.

Kentucky and Florida should be the class of the SEC, followed by LSU, TAMU, and Mizzou in some order. I guess Georgia and Tennessee would be in the next tier, but I wouldn’t be surprised with any order of finish for the last 8 teams in the conference. Will be interesting if any of them can make a run and be a 6th NCAA team or if we are held to 5 bids this year.

We are already playing TAMU twice, and LSU only once, so I hope we also get Florida and Kentucky twice too.
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