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I don’t think a single person called the athletic department

Posted on: June 24, 2020 at 19:47:34 CT
quicksand MU
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Incompetent when we hired Cuonzo to his unusually long contract and signed the top recruit in the nation, plus his brother who was top 25. It is unheard of for the worst power five team in the nation over three years to pull off that type of recruiting coup. Of course, in typical Mizzou fashion, ridiculously bad luck curtailed the entire vision and then injuries have completely plagued his entire regime. Without the Porter brothers, who could have changed the entire dimension of the program, it became simply a normal rebuild from utter destruction. I’m not thrilled with Cuonzo either, but it could be worse. We ought to have a competitive team next year. Who knows? We might not have half our starting lineup hurt for half the year. Cuonzo will be here two more years. In this age of Covid, hardly anyone will be making changes other than at ku, Auburn, Arizona, lsu and other coaches who receive show-cause orders...
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     I don’t think a single person called the athletic department - quicksand MU - 6/24 19:47:34
     Mizzou gave him a good contract because of how bad the - StaleyTiger MU - 6/24 13:37:38
          Cuanzo has never had sustainable success anywhere - Ragnar Danneskjold MU - 6/25 12:22:28
          I tend to agree. In order to get someone with some P5 - GeorgiaTiger76 MU - 6/25 09:33:24
          if Cuonzo builds the program from terrible to mediocre - zoomer 99 - 6/24 16:54:37
          did we have to basically guarantee 5 fing years - Jeff85 MU - 6/24 14:00:30
               He was only guaranteed 4 years - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 14:09:02
     Do you really think coaches are stagnant? - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 12:30:22
          I read somewhere that he is planning to tighten up his - GeorgiaTiger76 MU - 6/25 09:35:34
          We could do worse than CM. Bottom line he needs - Erwin Fletcher STL - 6/24 14:37:09
               RE: We could do worse than CM. Bottom line he needs - MUKdC MU - 6/24 16:31:48
               I’m not saying he’s the best coach ever - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 14:53:50
          I just wish he would get the next Tex Winter on staff - kcmizzou99 MU - 6/24 14:06:36
          they make minor adjustments as they go - Jeff85 MU - 6/24 13:57:21
               RE: they make minor adjustments as they go - MUKdC MU - 6/24 17:37:46
                    Having that group of players as the options for the rotation - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 18:19:39
                         RE: Having that group of players as the options for the rotation - MUKdC MU - 6/24 21:25:03
               Rotations is a big concern - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 14:06:29
                    maybe the distance of the line was a factor - Jeff85 MU - 6/24 15:08:27
                         Sure that’s possible. It sure impacted Mizzou way more than - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 15:12:00
          Yes. Competition improves so results decline. Many coaches - Sigma MU - 6/24 13:38:02
               Then they are getting worse if they don’t adapt (nm) - wu-tangtiger MU - 6/24 13:40:26
                    Answer to your Q.They are stagnant but results decline. - Sigma MU - 6/24 13:41:53
     wrong place - Jeff85 MU - 6/24 12:06:49

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