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I love the argument that Trump voted by mail in ballot.

Posted on: May 22, 2020 at 22:12:47 CT
DHighlander NWMSU
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Unless things have changed there is a big difference between mail in and absentee. My school district did a mail in ballot election this year and I don't know that there were any checks in place to insure security. I think they were just mailed out, the people marked them and mailed them back.

The one time I voted absentee I had to take my ballot to a notary who validated my I'D and then notarized my ballot before I mailed it in. If that is what they are doing then I have no problem with mail in ballots but I don't get the impression that is what is happening.

If they are concerned about crowds why not just extend the voting window? Here in JoCo they had early voting before the last election. They just rented out an empty storefront and held voting for the week leading up to election day. Why could they not do that with an extended window and even have people go online and reserve a voting time. That way there are no crowds but the process is secure.
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