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Oh I don’t know if what got her suspended...

Posted on: May 4, 2020 at 14:08:01 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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was a super serious issue or not. Have no idea what it was. But it was important enough to the team to suspend her at the most critical juncture of the season, and she was a really valuable part of the team. Wasnt unpaid parking tickets.

Who knows why she ended up leaving and eventually shows up in Lincoln. She would have had her degree by the time the 2020 season rolled around and still has 2 years of eligibility. Maybe she wasn’t completely happy here. Maybe she wanted to move the scenery. Maybe she didn’t agree with the suspension. Just speculating. Due to privacy matters we won’t know what happened unless someone with first hand knowledge decides to spill it.

But anytime we lose a VB player to an elite B1G school, it’s a huge loss for us talent wise.

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