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What happened actually happened last November...

Posted on: May 4, 2020 at 12:02:58 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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When Caffey was suspended from the team for some violation of team rules (I’ve never seen the exact reason identified in public). She was suspended after the 11/24 game with Tennessee, and never played again for Mizzou, missing the last 2 regular season games and both NCAA tournament games, including, ironically, Nebraska.

So she wasn’t going to play again here anyways, the only question was going to be if she wanted to keep playing and if so, where she would land, and now has 2 seasons of eligibility at a powerful Nebraska program as a grad transfer.

I always liked Caffey, she was a very good player despite her lack of height for the position she played. A real gamer. Wish we could have gotten 4 full seasons out of her, instead of just 2 due to a redshirt her freshman year and a medical redshirt her sophomore year.

Have no idea what she did to get suspended and really don’t care at this point. Nebraska fans seem pretty excited about landing her for the next two seasons, will be interesting to see if her hitting percentage and overall production stays high or regresses somewhat due to the significant upgrade in opponents she will see week in and week out in the B1G as compared to the SEC.

Best of luck to her.
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