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The former.

Posted on: March 23, 2020 at 19:45:06 CT
zodiac6 JC
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Anderson's style required a certain amount of depth to fully employ.

That usually meant giving freshmen a chance to earn playing time.

They had to actually earn it, though. Several freshmen struggled to break into the rotation. I recall Bowers taking a while to really earn consistent minutes. Stafford a year or two earlier also struggled to earn consistent minutes, and that was on a team without a real path to the NCAA tournament. Some later freshmen (Stone, Underwood, Kreklow) had really short leashes if/when they made it on the floor.

Martin has shown he's not opposed to playing freshmen. Multiple freshmen have started or played significant roles off the bench. Biggest difference IMO is that Martin doesn't necessarily need 10-12 guys on any given night, so if a freshman hasn't been taking care of business lately, Martin can sit him without compromising the depth his system requires.
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