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Posted on: February 12, 2020 at 19:02:10 CT
longtimereader MU
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That is an enormous statement about a sub .500 team in all metrics. I say about Pickett as I said about Giest last year. If your success is dependent on them it will reflect your record. You'll likely take that as a slight against them but it's not. It's against your overall personnel or the use of it. They'd be just good contributors at best on a good team not the reason you have a winning record overall. Watson needs to go get better.

That brings me to a sore spot of mine. A players should only leave if he decides to. I'm never in favor of a coach running any player off. That would make CM a big hypocrite in light of the speech he made at that press conference the other day. He essentially mentioned players should stick it out if they get disappointed because life brings you disappointments. If he recruits a player that disappoints he should apply that same principle. Help him get better. Especially a sophomore whose shown ability in the past.

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