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Why do Arkansas fans think “they should never lose to MU in

Posted on: February 10, 2020 at 01:18:56 CT
Beakerbasher KC
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anything” I’ve seen this misplaced arrogance posted several times on hogville fan board and I know they don’t represent the Arky overall fan but the few Arky alums I know are kind of that way too, insisting LSU is their ‘real’ rival and how desperate MU is to make Arky our main rival lol
Man are they delusional or what ? First of all I’d say most Missourians and MU fans/alums couldn’t give a crap about Arkansas as a state or program let alone have a hard on to make them our rival. Their football history is pretty similar to ours overall and we’ve had more success by far over the past 12-13 yrs.
their basketball obviously had a better history than MU but still , it’s just ironic that we look down on them yet they seem to look down on MU..
I’d rather have a school like Tennessee(also filled with delusional hick fans) or Georgia as our main rival than boring azz Arkansas but anyway it’s just interesting how their fan base looks down their noses at us like they’re some blue blood of the SEC lol

Yes their commitment to the athletic program overall is probably a notch above ours mainly because we have multiple pro sports teams and there is much more statewide support for Arkansas by the typical hick citizen but they’re a 2nd tier program just like us

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Why do Arkansas fans think “they should never lose to MU in - Beakerbasher KC - 2/10 01:18:56
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