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Agree the pitching staff is impressive

Posted on: February 9, 2020 at 20:36:48 CT
Harvest MU
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That's one thing the MU team has lacked for years, is quality depth on the pitching staff. To have all three freshman look good this weekend was terrific. Just imagine if they continue to improve and stick around for four years - let's hope so! Then as you said, to have Dandola as a possible fourth starter and Eli Daniel as closer is a luxury.

I didn't watch all the games but was impressed that Coach Anderson didn't hesitate long against Minnesota to change pitchers. With this much depth on the pitching staff, she should be able to bring in different pitchers regularly, not only keeping fresh arms out there but giving a different look to opposing batters.

Some good base running during the portions of games I watched as well, including some steals.
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