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RE: Post-mortem on the Arky loss...

Posted on: January 13, 2020 at 10:58:04 CT
tigerden MU
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I was very frustrated with Aijha early this season. She always led the team in turnovers, and very poor free throw shooting. Also took several shots I would classify as bad or selfish. Frustrating because I could see the great talent she has.
Along with others I have noticed her overall game is getting much better. I have kinda accepted she will make mistakes, and hope the good Aijha play far outweighs the bad. She’s one of our best players already.
She didn’t play last year, and she’s having a learning curve this year adjusting to a much tougher competition.
The senior class is my frustration now. Particularly Amber. Again, she has very good talent, and it frustrates me as a fan to see her struggle to contribute. The junior class consisting of Nadia and Elle aren’t doing that well either. Both have had some good contributions.
We’ve got 5 good new players for next season, plus if Linthacum and Garner can help.
I still hope we can add another impact guard thru transfer, or freshman.
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