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RE: Neither Blackwell or Frank is use to losing...

Posted on: January 8, 2020 at 15:00:25 CT
Mizzhope MU
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I find as a fan it can be easy to be too optimistic about the quality of recruits , or transfers, or the outlook for for my team in the seasons ahead.
II did not take that approach with this years team. Losing Levy was the final blow to ensuring a really really lousy season.
Many posters seem inclined to look for a real turnaround next year. I suppose we all have different standards for what a satisfactory bounce back looks like.
Next year Smith is gone so that’s gonna hurt. It’s unfortunately true that losing anyone else is addition by subtraction.
The transfers in all likelihood will help , but I’m not all confident that they will even bring this team even close to 500 in the SEC. Smith is likely a far better talent than any single new player. The post from SC never got much done there. Dickson will surely help , yet she is no star . Dufficy was a fine talent in a smaller conference.
The freshman class is very uninspiring. The post player from St. Louis has a long way to go and isn’t tearing it up every game this season. I view the Australian recruit more of a symptom of Pingeton’s failure to recruit here than anything else. Let’s hope she actually is a solid player.
Yeah , this probably comes across as too pessimistic.
We’re in this position and having this discussion because our coach, it’s her responsibility, has had several consecutive years of a astonishingly bad (non existent ) recruiting.
( she has been out recruited by numerous mid major teams in the Midwest ).
I sure hope this team improves , as when they are competitive it’s a joy to follow.
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