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Pingetons job is completely safe...

Posted on: January 8, 2020 at 10:09:37 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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even with this train wreck of a season. That's what building up good will over an extended period of time gets you. We could have gone 0-29 this season and she wouldn’t have been fired, or even been on a hot seat.

That’s not to say she doesn’t have her faults. She does. Like even the best coaches in any sport. Her steady incremental improvement, year by year, after taking over a difficult situation, was too slow for me and other fans, I suspect. And she completely failed to capitalize on landing a generational type of star player in Sophie Cunningham. You would have hoped that would have led to deep, talented senior, junior, and sophomore classes to maintain a high level after Sophie and her class graduated. But of course that didn’t happen. Not all of that is RPs fault, but much of it is.

My concern with RP is whether she can consistently recruit, and develop, enough talent to push the Mizzou WBB program over the hump, and at least occasionally get a top 16 seed and home regional, and at least occasionally advance to the sweet 16. That is the wall she hit even with her most talented teams the last several seasons, never getting remotely close to the sweet 16.

This year is already a lost cause, for many reasons. The only question I have is whether it will be a truly humiliating 6-7 win year, or a slightly less humiliating 9-10 win year. The rest of this year needs to be focused on next year and beyond, which should mean coaching and developing Blackwell and Frank, both great talents who have glaring flaws that need to be worked on. How RP handles the development of those two players is what interests me the most at this point. She needs to give both of them major minutes the rest of the way, for better or worse.
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