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No, It's Tillmon's fault. It's not new. It's not flukey.

Posted on: November 8, 2019 at 13:49:46 CT
North co-co champs MU
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It's not limited to only SEC officials, but every single official in the nation. It's against all teams. All levels.

The guy doesn't know how to play the 5 without fouling and our coaching staff has no idea how to coach him.
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Evaluating Tilmon, - MNTIGER MU - 11/8 12:08:04
          Wait--YOU are calling someone ELSE a troll??* - *M* KC - 11/8 15:15:49
     You can still compare Tilmon to what he’s done in the past - wu-tangtiger MU - 11/8 13:01:13
     I still say Tilmon is screwed on more calls than anyone. - GA Tiger MU - 11/8 12:29:00
          No, It's Tillmon's fault. It's not new. It's not flukey. - North co-co champs MU - 11/8 13:49:46
               He has been teh victim of a misguided effort to crack - alwaysright MU - 11/8 17:28:07
               Did you watch the videos from yesterday? Half of TIlmon's - StaleyTiger MU - 11/8 15:17:47
                    That is true of all player's fouls. Tilmon commits way more - North co-co champs MU - 11/8 15:36:59
                         I don't think it is. I think players get reputations and - StaleyTiger MU - 11/8 16:39:00
                         What would be your suggestion as a remedy? - longtimereader MU - 11/8 16:31:03
                              And, I'll bet money he gives no worthwhile answer. Or none - GA Tiger MU - 11/8 16:48:26
                         I'm unconvinced. You need more explanation. What - GA Tiger MU - 11/8 16:12:29

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