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RE: One kid taking an Olympic Redshirt - Eierman

Posted on: November 3, 2019 at 15:56:02 CT
SlimSlow MU
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Leeth was an All American at 149 in '18. He's cutting to 141 this year due to the class being open with Eirman's Olympic Redshirt and Mauller being at 149. They'll limit his weigh-ins with how much he's cutting. Doubt we see him much before Christmas.

We're weak at 125. With Elam redshirting this year, I was thinking Myers would be there at HWT. Haven't heard why it was Diaz. Also not sure why it was a forfeit at 133 instead of Brown or Diblasi being out there.

Is probably going to be a down year, but we still have a real good shot at AA's in 4 weight classes. Young team that could surprise us with qualifiers and a couple extra wins come tournament time though.
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