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One kid taking an Olympic Redshirt - Eierman

Posted on: November 2, 2019 at 19:35:34 CT
doughboy MU
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Another kid taking a redshirt in Elam

Leeth's availability is limited due to neck issues - he redshirted last year due to injury and I believe was granted a sixth year of eligibility for this season.

Leeth and Eierman are, I believe, the guys who would wrestle at 133 (forfeit today) and 141 (loss by fall) and Elam is HWT (L by major decision). Mizzou has those three guys available and the result looks different.

Unfortunately they weren't. This year is going to be a step back from what Coach Smith normally produces. With Eierman and Elam back next year and the nation's second rated recruiting class coming in next year the wrestling team should be back.
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