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How quickly life can change

Posted on: October 9, 2019 at 10:57:42 CT
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Glad to hear that MP finally played a pro game for the first time yesterday. It will be a slow road but the ride has finally started. I wish him all the success that might come his way.

Jontay had a breakout freshman year but then poof. I understand he isn’t playing anywhere right now. Not sure if going into the NBA draft following his 2nd knee injury was the best move for him. It will have been 2 years since he last played - before the 2020 draft. My guess is that at best, he will be a second round pick. But, if I am a GM for an NBA team, I would go free agent contract and maybe development league until Jontay proves he can play at that level.

I would not have predicted these events for the Porters 2 years ago.
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How quickly life can change - Ace USA - 10/9 10:57:42
     Jontay has many career options, not just basketball. Nm - ClassicTiger MU - 10/9 14:44:37
     Jontay could have been a real star, but had to stay healthy - raskolnikov MU - 10/9 13:07:13
     I would wager that he never plays a minute of NBA basketball - TheWildcat STL - 10/9 11:08:41
          Will depend on his priorities - FIJItiger MU - 10/9 12:20:30
               I would argue that Michael left at the most opportune time. - tgr MU - 10/9 12:37:55
                    he was the 14th overall pick - FIJItiger MU - 10/9 12:41:34
          He needed to come back & play another year after the injury - MU-TULSA MU - 10/9 11:19:29
          In hindsight, he made a terrible choice coming back for his - StaleyTiger MU - 10/9 11:19:15
               He still would have been a late first - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/9 11:32:23
          I bet he does. He's too skilled. Some bad team will take a - tgr MU - 10/9 11:17:49
               An already poor athlete in NBA terms and tear his knee - TheWildcat STL - 10/9 11:22:27
                    If he was a player that relied on athleticism then the knee - tgr MU - 10/9 11:40:31
                    I would bet that he does - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/9 11:30:50
          He should have stayed in college if that's how it plays out - Uncle John MU - 10/9 11:15:04
               He'll get paid as a pro, NBA or not - Domino MU - 10/9 11:16:36
     I wouldn't be surprised to see the Nuggets offer him a free - Uncle John MU - 10/9 11:05:17
          I think Portland did - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/9 11:37:18
          Due to injury - Ace USA - 10/9 11:16:59
               I don't think that matters at all(nm) - TigerA MU - 10/9 11:18:55
                    Yes. He’s done with the draft - wu-tangtiger MU - 10/9 11:33:10

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