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OK,so I've finally accepted the fact that my favorite player

Posted on: October 8, 2019 at 09:37:08 CT
eatatjoes MU
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is out for the season. It sucks, but it is football and it is life. Gotta move on.

This defense is ranked 3rd nationally, and is #1 in the SEC. That doesn't happen just because of one player. This team has talent at all 3 levels of the defense. Now, those players need to step up their leadership roles. That's the key to this injury not having a BIG impact. Wilkins will do just fine. Will he score a TD every game? Of course not, but Cale wasn't going to keep that up either. One thing that Odom and his defensive coaching staff have proven is that they can coach up the LB position. I fully expect Wilkins to play good football.

The other unit that needs to step it up is the O-line. There's nothing that aids a defense better than their counterparts consistently moving the ball up and down the field. This offense is more than capable of that, but the O-line needs to get it figured out. The top 5 need to be identified and the shuffling of the O-line needs to cease (I still don't get swapping Cook and Simms last week), but the time is now for the O-line to establish itself.
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OK,so I've finally accepted the fact that my favorite player - eatatjoes MU - 10/8 09:37:08
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