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I think it hurts us. Here's why....

Posted on: August 13, 2019 at 09:56:11 CT
GapDaddy MU
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By itself, the national story about the NCAA infractions committee lessening MU's penalties would be framed simply as the NCAA pulling back on what was seen as an over reach.

But in combination with this story, any pull-back by the NCAA on MU's penalties will be framed as part of the NCAA's lack of seriousness about -- and a retreat from -- holding institutions accountable for academic fraud.

If someone in the NCAA cares about that second narrative then it's easy to simply leave in place penalties that MU already stipulated to in principle by agreeing that infractions were Level 1.
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     I can't decide if this helps or hurts our case..nm - tigertix MU - 8/13 08:15:26
          I think it hurts us. Here's why.... - GapDaddy MU - 8/13 09:56:11
               RE: I think it hurts us. Here's why.... - Ace MU - 8/13 10:00:51
                    to align with the UNC ruling, Mizzou just has to say that - alwaysright MU - 8/13 11:08:40
                    True. - GapDaddy MU - 8/13 10:08:00
                         The members of he committee from the Ivy League will - tigertix MU - 8/13 18:14:38
          Will be interesting - jumbo73 MU - 8/13 09:00:21
          I think it will depend on how the appeal has been framed - Ace MU - 8/13 08:18:08

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