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Will be interesting

Posted on: August 13, 2019 at 09:00:21 CT
jumbo73 MU
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Fraud, in the definition of member institutions;

- does not include recognized academic departments organizing courses which do not require participation by athletes in so far as attendance at said classes, but, which courses result in routinely giving said athletes exceptional grades to allow them to continue competition

- does include the independent action of non-department individuals, unsanctioned by the institution, acting solely with a profit motive to misrepresent athletes participation in course work and testing.

I would think that any, independent court would find those two positions to be inconsistent and arbitrary.
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     I can't decide if this helps or hurts our case..nm - tigertix MU - 8/13 08:15:26
          I think it hurts us. Here's why.... - GapDaddy MU - 8/13 09:56:11
               RE: I think it hurts us. Here's why.... - Ace MU - 8/13 10:00:51
                    to align with the UNC ruling, Mizzou just has to say that - alwaysright MU - 8/13 11:08:40
                    True. - GapDaddy MU - 8/13 10:08:00
                         The members of he committee from the Ivy League will - tigertix MU - 8/13 18:14:38
          Will be interesting - jumbo73 MU - 8/13 09:00:21
          I think it will depend on how the appeal has been framed - Ace MU - 8/13 08:18:08

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