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My observations from today's scrimmage

Posted on: August 10, 2019 at 15:42:20 CT
eatatjoes MU
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Kelly Bryant is a great athlete, has great touch on his throws, and would appear to be a great young man and leader. However, at this point in camp he is a bit out of sync on his mid-range passing game. His check-downs to backs were accurate and gave them yac opportunities, but the defense swarmed to the ball well today, so not a lot of yac to be had. BTW, it was 1s vs 1s, etc today.

I think his fade ball down the sidelines will be a strength throughout the season bc of his touch, but hitting those areas of the field where its advantageous to put the ball on a line, is not a strength. Bc he doesn't have that type of arm strength timing with his receivers HAS to be on point, and it wasn't today.

I'm not a QB guru or anything close to it, but I know a good football player when I see one, and Bryant is one for sure. He may have to rely on his legs to consistently move the offense down the field until the timing is down. We may see some games early on where the passes are on the money, but others where he struggles. His legs can offset much of that.

Other offensive observations:

We are very deep at running back.The freshman, Watkins, had some good, physical runs late in the scrimmage. The 3 ahead of him are proven talents, and the guy behind him,Downing had some good rushes today.

No Albert today, but strictly precautionary. Parker looked a bit smaller from last year, perhaps to make himself more of a receiving threat. No targets today that I recall though.

Massey had a very impressive catch on a jumpball on the sideline, and followed that a few plays later with a nice 10 yard reception. Smooth athlete. Kam Scott showed his explosiveness on a slant he took for a 20 yd TD. Bannister keeps showing out and is a go to guy on 3rd and anything-less-than-10. As stated earlier, the timing in the intermediate game wasn't there today. That's something that can be improved by both QB and receiver.

Defensively, this team looks like the real deal. Their pursuit to the ball was very good. They made plays on the ball in the secondary and got a push from the d-line. Miller, #22, was everywhere it seemed. Like Bannister on offense, it's going to be difficult to keep Miller off the field.

This team seems to have good leadership on both sides of the ball and in all groups. Maybe I'm pumping sunshine, but I think this team will be difficult to beat. Playmakers on both sides and they are being coached well. In my opinion, this team will challenge for the division.
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