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Talk about gloomy...

Posted on: July 14, 2019 at 15:28:29 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Yes, mistakes on a website are smaller potatoes compared to other issues. But I like a college sports website to be timely and accurate, with good access to archives. Mizzou falls short in many areas. And it’s just laziness, and a lack of concern on the part of the athletic department. Just not a priority for them. And it could be solved so easily.

I also like the mustard and ketchup to be real, and not watered down. But some brilliant accountant thought the AD could make a couple hundred extra buck by watering down the condiments for hotdogs and hamburgers. Now that’s something to really get angry about.

I’m a little confused by some of your comparisons.

The AD didn’t build a “second” softball stadium, they built a “new” softball stadium. There are not 2 softball stadiums for 1 team now, there is one stadium for one team.

And the tired old “X non revenue sport is losing money” complaint is still tired. And old. So what? It’s the nature of college sports that a few sports “pay” for a rich group of athletic opportunities for all athletes here. I never lose any sleep over this issue. I never watch softball, or volleyball, or wrestling, and mutter to myself, jeez, I just can’t appreciate or enjoy this sport because they don’t make money.

And upgrading stadiums, football, softball etc is a good thing, especially in the SEC. better fan experiences, more attractive to recruits. Even if I’m still sitting in the (relatively) cheap seats.

And I believe you are wrong that the Mizzou AD as a whole loses money.

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