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RE: Thanks for the link, she made it pretty clear...

Posted on: June 13, 2019 at 19:56:43 CT
Mizzhope MU
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A couple thoughts . Levy was a late sign ( spring ) so yeah she probably jumped pretty quick after reneging on I believe Western Kentucky.
Missouri tempo is extremely slow , how often did they run the shot clock.
Pingeton was consistent about pulling Levy after a turnover, not staying in system, etc
I am not gonna criticize Pingeton for her handling Levy that way but during the season I wondered how Levy might react to it. Early on it was apparent to my thinking that Levy was the most talented guard (easily ). Pingeton wouldn’t give her the freedom . If it eventually would have mattered , who knows.
I would say Berg got shorted minutes also.
A fairly safe prediction, Levy will wind up at a more prominent program , probably close to home . She is a talent , decided she could aim higher , and run an offense.
It would be a true disaster if it were not already apparent that MU was shockingly lacking in depth all over the floor.
Final thought on Levy, if she is a piece on a really talented team , it’s not a sure thing that she will thrive. At Mizzou she might have been the big fish.
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