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Thanks for the link, she made it pretty clear...

Posted on: June 13, 2019 at 18:56:28 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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It was all about the plodding Mizzou offensive game plan, which is clearly what Pingeton is comfortable with.

Which begs the question, when Levy signed to come here, had she even bothered to watch a single Mizzou women’s BB game? Or talked to RP about the offense and her role in it?

This apparent bewilderment on the part of Levy that she found herself stuck in a certain offensive style that she was not willing or able to adapt to, and, had apparently been completely unaware of before she signed here, is more than a little strange.

Tennessee seems like a good location for her, at least the style we saw under the old coach. There was no rhyme or reason to UTs offense, or their effort from one game to the next. Very undisciplined. Just 5 very talented players doing whatever they wanted on each possession. If that continues under the new coach, maybe Akira will be in hog heaven.

Very few elite teams just run helter skelter down the court as fast as they can on each offensive possession. Might be a rude awakening for her, but what do I know.
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