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I did sell, although I did make some money.

Posted on: June 6, 2019 at 17:48:17 CT
scif MU
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I bought because it clearly broke through the $43 level, although it was not on higher volume. The next day it dropped, but I didn't sell because it had support not that far below it. At that point, I didn't think there was much further risk waiting to see if it held support. The next day, the price started at support and the candlestick pierced the prior day's drop, so I bought another 100 shares. The following day, it was up, but about 20 minutes before close, the candlestick was a doji, showing equal buying and selling pressure. At that point, the direction down or up was unclear, so I took my small profit and considered it a small win. The market was down, so I was happy with a small victory. But, I would have done much better if I had sold half my position instead of all of it.
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