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I'm not patient, for the most part.

Posted on: May 15, 2019 at 19:14:49 CT
scif MU
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Often, I only hold a stock for a week or two. If it moves opposite the way I expect, I may sell the next day. So, that disclaimer out of the way, regarding SCI, I am not sure which way it is going to break. It has the significant support of the 200 day moving average, but it has broken down below it slightly several times recently. It also could find support at $41 or $38. If you are really a fan of the fundamental story, at least you have several areas of support.

My personal approach would be to wait for it to break out over $43 to buy and ride it up to $45 or $46 and then watch for reversal patterns to determine whether to keep riding it higher, lighten my position, or sell altogether. I'm happy making trades that net 3 to 5%, although you hope for more, of course.
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