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Going to be an interesting series...

Posted on: May 27, 2019 at 09:03:32 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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While OK and UCLA are the conventional favorites, as usual the final outcome should be driven in large part on who survives their first two games and who gets thrown into the losers bracket.

OK is a big favorite, but Bama could put them into the losers bracket on day 1, dramatically changing their odds. Both teams have been underwhelming at times in the post season already. Same thing with UCLA. Minnys Fiser could shut them down in game 1 and throw them into the losers bracket right away too. Anything can happen in a single game when you go up against a dominating pitcher.

Teams that can go at least 2 deep with great pitchers: OK, UCLA, UW, Arizona, Bama.
Teams that have only 1 great pitcher: Florida, Minny, OK State.

Most likely the winner will come from the first group of 5.

Offenses most likely to get overwhelmed by great pitching:

.264 Florida
.288 Minny
.288 Bama
.292 Ok State

The other 4 teams all have BAs above .300, although UW struggles to score a lot and is at .301.
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