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Zero chance we don’t get an at large bid...

Posted on: May 12, 2019 at 12:20:12 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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you are right on with your reasoning, we would have to have 10-12 teams with lower RPIs all picked ahead of us to not get in. And, we have a much better SOS and way more top 25 wins than nearly all those teams. We will not be in the last 4 teams picked, or even in the next 4.

Don’t sweat it. Worry more about where we get sent to (see my thoughts about that above). I don’t have unrealistic expectations here. We have already far exceeded mine and I suspect most others expectations by winning 32 games, and finishing in a tie for 6th in the SEC after being picked dead last. We won twice as many SEC games as the year before, and barely lost another 5-6 games.

I’m hoping we play well in whatever regional we go to and are competitive, and at least get to Sunday with a shot. We have a possibility of pulling off an upset and getting to a super regional with the right placement and if the bats wake up and give Norman and Gasper the support they need.
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     Zero chance we don’t get an at large bid... - bluetiger_ MU - 5/12 12:20:12

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