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I'll play the other side....

Posted on: April 15, 2019 at 13:47:20 CT
GapDaddy MU
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For the most part everything you say could happen. But I have my doubts and will play the devil's advocate for the heck of it.

First counter argument: Building through transfers happens because you have roster problems and are rebuilding. Players like this Williams kid have over-inflated value as transfers - he's essentially a limited quantity with a market comprised of just a limited number of schools with the right combination of need and available scholarship. But chances are he's just a average P5 level player - even as he'll be recruited as a prime target. As soon as you balance your class and are out of a rebuild, you'll want to have classes comprised of a couple solid 4-year guys and 1 early entry.

Second counter argument: transfer are usually available for a reason. If he's available because of a coaching change, I say OK. The rare kid will explode at the lower level and then have options to transfer up. But mostly these are kids who want to leave for a reason that you don't necessarily want to import into your program.

Conclusion: only the blue bloods will land the true high level transfers. The other programs, like MU, are just addressing problems that inherent when you're not very good. That's no way to build a program.

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