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With the first college softball RPI coming out...

Posted on: March 14, 2019 at 08:19:11 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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next week, here is an indicator on the critical SOS metric today, using the Massey ratings. SEC teams SOS, which is almost all composed of non conference games thus far:

3 Kentucky
12 Florida
16 Tennessee
18 LSU
19 Missouri
21 Ole Miss
37 Alabama
63 Arkansas
67 Auburn
77 SC
99 Miss St
165 Georgia

Some other national teams with gaudy records (like GA) that have been largely built on easy scheduling include Indiana (90), Virginia Tech (100), and Wisconsin (127).

5 toughest schedules to date according to Massey:

1. Minnesota
2. Arizona
3. Kentucky
4. Michigan
5. Ok State

So while our winning percentage is not going to be great when the first RPI rankings are announced, next Monday I think, that’s just 25% of our number, and with a top 20 SOS I think we will have a pretty decent starting RPI to build on. Playing Georgia this weekend will both help (their winning %) and hurt (their opponents winning %) our initial RPI.
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