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It's wrong they don’t take prior history into account. He

Posted on: March 13, 2019 at 19:54:57 CT
Gary P. STL
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owned Penn State’s Lee last year & JE should be on the 3 line. McKenna of OHST no-showed for their dual vs. PSU - had a terrible weight cut & ran out of gas halfway through the second period screwing the whole bracket up. Beat him at the B10s. JE was absolutely screwed & penalized all because ADs from the non-wrestling schools in the b12 got their feelings hurt & refused the request of the coaches from ISU, OU & OSU to allow Mizzou wrestling to stay. Way to make it about the athletes you SOBs.
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          It's wrong they don’t take prior history into account. He - Gary P. MU - 3/13 19:54:57
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