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It probably won’t be Iowa...

Posted on: March 13, 2019 at 15:05:00 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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I think they are a lock for a 2 seed, so we would need to be on the 7 seed line to play them. We are projected a 5 seed now and will be certainly be no higher than 4 or lower than 6. Iowa is the last 2 seed though, behind Louisville, Oregon, and Stanford.

Drake is also unlikely. They are projected as a 7 seed now, so even if you gave them a range of 6-8, and us a range of 4-6, we would not be matched in a first round game.

Iowa St is a real possibility, they are pretty much a lock for a 4 seed and we are currently a 5 seed, which would match us up perfectly in the second round.

The state of Iowa placement makes sense with the travel rules the NCAA aspires to. If TAMU and SC hold on to the 4 seed line, and we hold onto a 5 seed, it looks like a road trip to either Ames or Corvallis. A lot of Mizzou fans could make the Ames trip ok.
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