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RE: Some softball ‘fans’ here seem to not understand...

Posted on: March 12, 2019 at 13:36:49 CT
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First let me say I give full support to coach Anderson and she should have some grace period to get the program to an elite level. Having said that we go back to Earlywine whom I consider to be a very good coach. In my opinion he made some really bad recruiting mistakes . He recruited some players that had potential to become superstars, so the physical abilities were there. The mistake was their mental abilities were not there per the type of MENTALLY tough program Earlywine ran.
Every now and then you get a bad apple, that happens for whatever reason . To guard against or hedge your bets against this same situation occurring again, recruiting from Travel programs that have tough coaches who enforce discipline , who’s players have been in that rigorous environment for many years reduces the chance of the bad apple. The talented players we had that turned up to be bad apples did not meet that recruiting standard.
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