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Some softball ‘fans’ here seem to not understand...

Posted on: March 10, 2019 at 17:36:16 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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that there has been a recent change in SEC softball scheduling policy.

We don’t have to play a #5 ranked, 25-0 team on the road every weekend of the conference season. Not anymore. Now there is a novel new rule. We actually get to play a different team all 8 weekends of SEC play. Yes, I know, that’s hard to wrap your heads around and comprehend. But it’s true.

So there is no reason anymore to write off the entire season when we are not successful on the road the first weekend against that #5 25-0 team. We actually get to play 7 different teams the rest of the way, 3 of them are not even ranked anywhere in the top 25, and 2 more appear to be vastly overrated. And in another hard to comprehend twist, we get to play 4 of those team series on our home field.

EE, for all the success he had here, ended up running this program into a ditch with his inability to recruit and retain a deep and talented pitching staff, which is the lifeblood of a top 20 team. He left the program in far worse shape than it was when he inhiereted it. And his successor is paying for it.

I swear, I haven’t seen a single EE dead ender even acknowledge he was still the head coach in 2017 when the team barely finished with a .500 record and barely made the NCAA tournament and got humiliated in the Eugene regional. Or acknowledge that the 2018 team, with basically the same results, was also his team, his players, his worst in the SEC pitching staff, even though he was booted right before the season started.

I’m giving Coach Anderson a chance to turn this team around, and not freaking out when the success isn’t instant. I feel very confidant in saying that whenever she leaves this program, hopefully many years from now, she will leave it to her eventual successor in far better shape than what EE left her.
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