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Mizzou WBB hosting chances hanging by...

Posted on: March 10, 2019 at 07:37:23 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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a thread today, but still alive. In the last selection committee reveal here were the last 6 teams in the top 16:

11 Oregon State
12 SC
13 Miami
14 Iowa St
15 Syracuse

Our best chance before the P5 conference tourneys started was to pass TAMU for the last #4 seed, unless we were able to beat both Kentucky and Miss St. A second win over MSU would have put us in, but that didn’t happen.

Nothing much has changed. Oregon St and SC both had shocking bad losses in the quarters of their tourneys, and may drop to 4 seeds, but are safely in. Syracuse had a huge win over Miami, and they are in. Miami is in with a great resume. And Iowa St is in the semis of the Big 12 and in also. Our tourney resume matched up poorly against both Syracuse and Iowa St anyways.

So it’s down again to us sneaking past TAMU for the 16th spot. That is our only hope for hosting. And that’s still alive, barely, with the Aggies taking a bad loss to Arky yesterday in the semis. If they had lost to Auburn in the quarters I would feel better about our chances to pass them. However, the selection committee may take into account that the Aggies were missing their star player, Carter.

Need to see the RPI numbers when they come out today, but we clearly helped our comparison to TAMU by beating Kentucky. That gives us both 3 top 25 RPI wins, ours are better than theirs (because of the Miss St win), and we own the head to head over them. Their RPI before yesterday’s games was 16 and ours was 27, but I expect that margin to shrink a little when the numbers come out today due to our playing Miss St (8) and their playing Arky (81).

Still alive also for the last #4 seed are Gonzaga and Marquette, both still playing in their conference tourneys, both ranked in the top 20, both with much better RPIs than us, and both projected right now by ESPN as 5 seeds along with us and Kentucky.

The selection committee question still comes down to how much did our win over UK help us and how much did the Aggies loss to Arky hurt them, in the direct comparison between the two teams. I think it pushed us at least even to them, and our win over them could put us in ahead of them.

I’m not real confidant about hosting, I think it’s 50/50 right now that we host over TAMU, but it’s no better than 50/50 that neither of us host and Marquette or Gonzaga gets in over both of us. Need to root for those teams to lose. Regardless, our performance in the SEC tourney locked down no worse than a #5 seed and a shot at a relatively beatable team like Iowa St, Oregon St, Marquette, or Gonzaga to get to the sweet 16.

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Mizzou WBB hosting chances hanging by... - bluetiger_ MU - 3/10 07:37:23
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