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Agree good win today

Posted on: November 25, 2018 at 19:57:27 CT
tigerden MU
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1. I’ve been saying for a year Hannah Schucts was going to help this team. This is her home state and she played good in Florida last year too. She played a very good game against Quinnipiac too. She’s not a back to the basket player, but she’s going to draw some big defenders away from the basket.
2. Sophie and Amber didn’t score a lot, but they were instrumental in the victory today. They are both drawing a lot of attention from the opponents. The tweek Coach P has made on the offensive end is helping. Sophie is now playing more of a point forward position. She is controlling the offense at the high post. A lot of the shots Hannah, and Lauren were knocking down came from Sophie’s court vision. Amber was attempting to take on the interior of Dukes defense, and she got some good looks that she’s going to convert a lot. They both rebound and defend very well.
3. As the season progresses I look for both Grace and Haley to keep getting better. Akira will too, but I think she’s going to have learn to play without the ball a little more. She’s talented.
4. Turnovers are definitely not a positive statistic, but in the 3 games we played here the team with the fewest turnovers lost all 3. We made a lot of bad turnovers in the first quarter today, and then settled down on that front. Norms Mizzou teams used to turn the ball over quite a bit too. I think it’s a trait of Robin’s teams that’s always an issue.
5. I don’t expect to beat a top 25 team on the road yet this season. I do believe Robin and her staff are getting a better idea of how this group can succeed.
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