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Excellent win for WBB over Duke 62-54 today...

Posted on: November 25, 2018 at 16:57:10 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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went 2-1 on the weekend, which is what I expected. The downer was not even being remotely competitive against Michigan in the first round. I would have felt a lot more positive if we had lost a close game to the Wolverines and then come back to win 2. That loss exposed some serious problems which I don't think went away despite the last two wins.

Plenty of good, bad, and ugly today despite a good win over a decent Duke team. They were ranked in preseason, based on history and expectations, then got crushed by Northwestern and dropped out of the top 25. Hard to tell at this point where they end up.

The good. Schuchts. Wow. A career game, out of nowhere. Please tell me who saw that coming. 25 pts on 8-8 shooting, 6-6 from 3's. Congrats to her, but everyone knows this is an anomaly, based on her body of work. But Mizzou doesn't win today unless she has this insane career game. Aldridge played solid too. And Troup, MIA so far, chips in with 6 points.

The bad. No points from the bench other than Troup. None. Zip. That is a bad sign. I expected Berg to step right in and have an immediate offensive impact. If she is a work in progress as opposed to an immediate contributor, it's going to be a difficult season.

The ugly. No brainer here. Sophie and Amber, shot 5-24 from the field. Just awful from the two best players on the team. If they are going to alternate games like this with their dominating performance against Quinnipiac, this is going to be a long season. To be competitive at a high level and have a chance for a home regional, these two players have to bring their A games every time. That's not happening so far. 16 more turnovers. It's early still, but it looks like this will again be a weak point for Mizzou. As good of a coach as RP is in many areas, you have to start asking why is she so helpless at addressing this major flaw in her program year after year. And Chavis went 0-6, 0-5 from 3s. She's a seasoned junior. Mizzou always had someone who could come in and knock down the 3s, from Morgan Eye to the Stock sisters, and others. Chavis is supposed to be that person, in her third year in the program. What happened to her?

Very good win today, but I think this team will not see the top 25 the rest of the season, or come remotely close to a top 16 national seed and home regional. Unless Schuchts shoots 100% and averages 25 pts a game the rest of the way.

Let's see a competitive game on the road against a very good West Virginia team to change my mind a little.
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