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Don't know much about kanye west. Don't really care, but

Posted on: October 11, 2018 at 13:38:01 CT
hokie VT
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i agree to a point with what gyro said, below.

He may be just promoting his own self interests. Politics makes strange bedfellows.

That does not explain why jim brown is there. As much as i don't like him or his ideology, he is if nothing else principled, consistent and plain spoken.

And if west and trump find common ground and can use each other, and i mean it just that way, if they can use each other to get something done for black people, especially in the inner cities; if crime, fatherlessness, poverty, and anti social behavior can be mitigated, if blacks can join mainstream society as proud americans instead of oppressed victims...than the trump/west partnership will have borne great fruit.

It's certainly more than the black marxist did. He talked, he cared, he did nothing.

West and obama have one thing in common, dorsally obese wives.

Yikes, kardashian looks like a mutant from cheyrnoble or some idiot who got a "Buy 50, get one free" coupon for botox injections in her butt.

And after building that butt, her balance must have been thrown off so instead of reducing the back, she built a gazebo on the front. Two of them.

That is an unfortunate looking woman.

Queen largebottom comes by her unfortunate physiognomy honestly. Kardashian i think saw pictures of horribly deformed women near three mile island and said, "I want to look like that. Gimme another shot."

My goodness.
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