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Disagree highlander. West is an influencer to a major part

Posted on: October 11, 2018 at 13:54:54 CT
hokie VT
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of our nation. And the participation of jim brown is significant.

A part that is supposed to be...that is required to be anti establishment and more importantly, anti trump.

A group that needs help, since they have been abandoned in all but useless rhetoric by their masters, to step into mainstream society as decent patriotic americans.

If trump can use west to credibly reach the black community, heretofore the unreachable star for republicans, then west can play a significant role in this administration and in the improvement of the lives of millions of blacks.

My concern is that west is just the latest version of michael steele, large intestine powell and other black opportunists who used the spotlight to pretend to be a counter (black) culture republican. But when the rubber met the road, steele, powell and most others retreated to the safety and comfort of the hood and their homeboys.

(I am optimistic that candice owens is the real thing.)

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