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Made sure the job was done. Took control of a chaotic

Posted on: September 14, 2018 at 15:00:17 CT
catbirdseat MU
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Been the adults in the room.

Jesus, maybe take some personal responsibility to help some innocent people who are getting their asses handed to them.

We certainly can afford to do that for our own citizens if nothing else.

Shall we go back through the orange idiot's tweets and see where the failure to lead started?
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     The sources you come up with are just freakin funny - Commanchehere MU - 9/14 15:32:56
     Um... Hard to get to work when you don't have a house, a - catbirdseat MU - 9/14 14:51:55
          Bullshyte, when your job is to help distribute aid. - RHAYWORTH MU - 9/14 15:01:07
          So how is that Trumps fault again? - tcat UMKC - 9/14 15:00:24
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               What more should the feds have done? (nm) - Sal KC - 9/14 14:55:00
                    Enough to gat actual - mizzoumurfkc KC - 9/14 16:32:12
                    Made sure the job was done. Took control of a chaotic - catbirdseat MU - 9/14 15:00:17
                         Why couldn't PR have done all of that? (nm) - Sal KC - 9/14 15:14:30
                         LOL the federal govt taking “personal responsibility” - redngray MU - 9/14 15:13:32
                         Maybe a piercing glare at the hurricane to send it scurrying - MizzouTigerz MU - 9/14 15:05:40

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