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Church was a big that was very comfortable knocking

Posted on: September 13, 2018 at 09:23:56 CT
FIJItiger MU
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down the face up jumper, running the court for garbage buckets, and crashing the offensive glass. Never had plays ran for him and was completely ok with coming off the bench, but also had several games where he was the best player on the court and scored 30+ points. An integral piece to some elite MU teams of the past.

Greg Church

Letterman – 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989

The Hammer was the ultimate role player in his days with the Tigers, setting picks, crashing boards, swinging the ball, and playing lock down post defense. Coming from Palmyra where he avged 23.4 ppg and 11.9 rebounds as a senior and was named to the Street and Smith All American teams as both a junior and senior, Church’s four seasons resulted in four straight trips to the NCAA tournament for MU after a two year absence. He led the team as a junior in FG% with the seventh most accurate season in MU history at 63.4%. Church was even more efficient as a senior, turning in the third highest FG% for a season ever at MU 65.3%. He was even better in conference play that year, going a remarkable 62 for 83 in Big 8 play for an all time MU record of 74.7% shooting. Down the stretch of his final season after Norm Stewart was forced to leave the team due to cancer, Church helped MU to a 97-84 victory over #1 OU that was the program's first ever win over a #1 team. The next game was the best of his career, and on the strength 83% shooting he scored 31 points against KSU. On senior day in his last game at Hearns, Church would score MU's final 13 points in a 66-65 MU win over CU that clinched second place in conference. The Tigers would win 29 games total with Church as the team captain, a program record that would stand until 2009.

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