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Please do this every week. Question on the OL....

Posted on: September 13, 2018 at 08:52:09 CT
GapDaddy MU
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the Wyoming D-line penetration in the center of the line was obvious at the game. Castillo was getting handled but he did keep his feet under him and could recover. But that will be problem against better Dlines, no? Granted, that Wyoming D-line had as much talent as anyone on our schedule except Alabama and Georgia.

What can you do schematically with that? Is the OL just good enough to get the same 3.5 yards that might still be there even against better D-Lines? If so, I think Dooley can work with that.

The occassional 15 yard run burst is nice but it's not completely necessary. A good OC can work with 3 and 4 yard carries.
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