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i only watched the game once, but noticed a few things

Posted on: September 13, 2018 at 01:13:41 CT
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which you mentioned. Adams is not our best o-lineman, i specifically watched him and he is not bad, but he never really dominates on a play...the run blocking doesn't get much push initially, and with the linebackers and often times the safety crashing down totally screwed the running backs

it seemed to me that wyoming sold out to stop the run most of the game, played soft coverage on the receivers, and relied on their safety to help stop our running game unless it became an obvious passing situation, then you would see him running full speed backwards moments before the snap.

my biggest worry is the secondary, they actually played fairly well, rarely were they actually beaten or off assignment, but they always seemed to be a step behind, i think wyoming dropped a few passes, and their QB was a bit off.

loved our run defense up the gut, and a bit disappointed in our defensive ends getting pressure, i think wyoming should have thrown down the field more, they had the time
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