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Oh poor Douche Bag. He’s upset his pig

Posted on: August 24, 2018 at 17:50:01 CT
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useless slut Mom never amounted to more than a 3 hole servicer of Mexican gangs all of tiny sh*thole kc.

In fact her gaping sh*thole is renown to Mexican gangs as the most penetrated sh*thole in sh*thole kc. They taken your sh*thole whore Mom to Mexico to tour her sh*thole down there too 😂😂!!

Did her being the famous sh*thole of sh*thole kc make you become the kc faggot that you are, Douche Baggy? 🤣!

Any Mom with a F’n worthless Fukhead, like you, for a son would find much greater pride for renting her sh*thole out to any dirty Mexican on a moment’s command by them, than face the reality that you, a guy who screams to everyone that he’s a Douche Bag, are her dispicable son.
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